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As part of our thank you for being an amazing volunteer, we are delighted to offer you one complimentary admission ticket to attend one of our Wine Riot sessions.  Tickets will be provided onsite. For planning purposes, which day would you prefer to attend the session:

*Please note, guests volunteering for the Saturday evening shift are unable to attend the Saturday day shift due to the alcoholic nature of the event. Saturday evening volunteers will be able to attend Friday evening shifts. As an added thank you for our Saturday evening volunteers, we are offering two admission tickets to Friday's Wine Riot. *

Thank you for providing your information. Within 48 hours you will receive an email from our registration site, Sched, so that you can sign up for specific shifts.

For any general questions email:
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Thank you for your time! Unfortunately, all of our applicants have to be 21 by the day of the event. If you're 20, but will be 21 for the event that you're interested in volunteering for, please email for confirmation. The Fall 2017 Wine Riot schedule is:

Chicago, October 13-14
Boston, October 20-21
New York, December 1-2
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